Our Challenge

India disappoints in educational outcome test

India would appear to have partially arrested the downward spiral in the quality of learning of school children in rural areas but there is little to cheer about the country’s performance, according to the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) published on Tuesday.

The enrolment level is near universal with 96.7% of children registered in schools during 2014, the same as 2013, according to ASER 2014, published by education non-profit organization Pratham Education Foundation.

The proportion of all children in Class 5 who can read a Class 2 text has improved by 1 percentage point from 2013—48.1% children of Class 5 could read a class 2 text in 2014 against 47% in the previous year. This means every second Class 5 student in rural India can’t read the text of a class three levels below.

Our Solution

The education world has been transformed in the past 10 years and technological advances have played a role in making education more interesting. However, these advances have not percolated to all levels yet. It is this huge divide, created by lack of resources that eshisya aims to bridge.

We believe that all children, given the same resources have the capability of reaching their potential and it is our endeavour to take these high-tech, new age learning materials to these children.